Apple getting some Android inspiration?

It seems like Apple is getting inspired by Android as reported by 9to5mac website. After all, Android is Apple’s Iphone most serious threat in terms of market share.

Android users are used to swipe their finger on their device to unlock the Android homescreen, whereas Apple users type a 4 digits code in order to access their homescreen.
Well it seems like this is all going to change as Apple is reportedly trying this new lock screen internally on its ” Apple Connect” app for employees.

Apple Android unlock

The idea is simple, connect the dots on the screen according to your custom pattern and your homescreen will come out. Apparently, Apple will drop the current 4 digits passcode and use the gesture passcode on their feature iOS release. Or maybe not. The issue is, Google seems to have a patent on this program, so in order to use it, Apple may have to do some work on it.

At least its interesting to see that for once, Apple is imitating others, at least they’re getting inspired by good ideas.

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