Google remove SMS malware from Android Market

AegisLab discovered a new malware that would send SMS to three premium SMS phone numbers in China. The malware would then subscribe victims to some premium paid service numbers without the knowledge of the handset owner. Users would then get charged for this unknown subscription. So far this malware only works in China.

Google was notified and immediately removed the disguised apps down from the Android Market. A total of 11 apps was removed by Google. The following lists all 11 apps:

  • 3D Cube horror terrible
  • iBook
  • iCalendar
  • iCartoon
  • iGuide
  • iMatch
  • iMine
  • LoveBaby
  • Sea Ball
  • Shake Banger
  • Shake Break
  • Note that the apps were all published by “zsone” and the malware code was embedded in apps that look like legitimate apps.

    This is not the first time malware is found in the Android Market, it happened earlier this year with an impressive 50 infected apps with DroidDream malware found in the Market. At that time Google pulled the kill switch remotely removing malware on your device if infected.

    As a reminder, only download from trusted sites and get yourself an Anti-Virus. Remember your smartphone, is like your pc now, it needs protection. Actually, your smartphone contains even more sensitive information than ever, especially with the Android/ Apple tracking controversy. So get protection! Get an Anti-Virus, there are many different ones available on the Android Market for free or for just a small fee.

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