Social App Mogwee

Internet entrepreneur and Netscape Communications co-founder Marc Andreessen is back again with another Ning product. Ning is a social-networking company better known for hosting social network-style websites.

Their latest software or app is designed for smartphones and will change the way social networks work directly on our phones.
The Mogwee app, short form of “more great weekends” is available for Apple iOS, Ipad and should be available shortly for Android devices. The mogwee app’s turns a phone contact lists into a social network that lets users chat one on one or in groups, share photos and video, access information about restaurants, movies, YouTube and even play games.

This out of the box chat app, is going to compete against some already very popular similar apps such as eBuddy, Ping and even Facebook. In this competitive market, Mogwee stands out because of some of its unique features, such as their graphical objects which allows you to express emotions through advanced emoticons.

Users will “recruit” Mogwee friends by having the option to send their friends a link to download the app too. The more we are, the merrier as they say; and Ning’s network is already used by 60 million people monthly. In addition, some of Ning’s users include artists such as Linkin Park, 50 cent and politicians who are interested in adding a social media side onto their websites.

Mogwee is free, but Ning is planning to make money by selling virtual objects, gifts that they can send and share with others for a low cost of 0.99$. Is Mogwee to become the Facebook of smartphones?

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