Next Android OS version after Jelly Bean? Kandy cane maybe?

Jelly Bean is barely making it’s way to a very few select number of devices that we are already talking about the next OS code name for Android.

Well apparently, if you’re creative enough you might find it in your Jelly Bean device. How so? Just go to Settings and look for your device operating system number. Now tap on that number and hold on to that Jelly Bean. What happens next is an avalanche of Jelly beans among which you will find one little candy cane.


So what is the meaning of that candy cane? If we follow Google’s nomenclature regarding their OS naming system we have,

• Cupcake
• Donut
• Eclair
• FroYo
• Gingerbread
• Honeycomb
• Ice Cream Sandwich

Where does candy cane fits in this equation? Nowhere actually, unless you spell it like “Kandy Cane”, to follow the alphabetical treats naming convention. Despite the fact that it’s not really a good name, it would fit with the next OS name. Unless the candy cane only means that we can prepare ourselves for a treat around Christmas time, a new Nexus Jelly Bean phone for instance?

Who knows, as usual only time will tell what the next OS name will be. What do you think? Key Lime Pie then? Klondike bar?

[Via ijailbreak and RootzWiki]