Amazon to launch its own Android based smartphone

Amazon already has great success with it’s Kindle Fire tablet, and apparently, it is preparing to launch it’s own branded smartphone based on Android.

According to a source from Bloomberg, Amazon is currently working with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn to create an Android smartphone.

But is Amazon ready to take the plunge against the like of Samsung, Sony and HTC for instance in their own territory? Apparently so as the tremendous success of the Kindle Fire proves it, as it gained a considerable market share in just a few months.

Furthermore, Amazon already has it’s own Appstore, wireless connections thanks to it’s Wireless Store and experience with the Android OS due to it’s Kindle Fire tablet.

There is one point that Amazon seems to be concerned about and that is protecting itself against patent infringement. Rightfully so as it is reported that Amazon is trying to acquire wireless technology patents to protect itself from any lawsuit filing in the future.

It would be a shame to have an amazing device such as the Samsung Galaxy getting banned, and Amazon is preparing itself against any possible wrongdoing.

If or when the Amazon smartphone comes out, it will surely shake the Android smartphone market just like it did in the tablet market with it’s Kindle Fire tablet. We’ll see on due time.

[Reference Bloomberg]