iEmu – iOS emulator for Android, Linux, Windows and Mac devices.

The digital world is getting confused. HP TouchPad webOS tablet will one day run on Android. Android devices will one day run Apple’s iOS Operating System. That’s right, as part as a project from Kickstarter, Android devices will one day run Apple’s iOS.


The project called iEmu is supposed to emulate Apple’s iOS on Android devices, Linux, Windows and Mac platforms.

The end goal is a program that:

-is simple to use, with no tricky state dumps required
-is capable of running most iPad/iPhone apps
-can be extended with plugins for custom iOS exploration
-has basic support for non-essential peripherals like accelerometer, GPS etc.
-can be reflashed using iTunes via USB emulation.
-has Slirp-style network access

So imagine, one day you’ll be running exclusive iOS apps on your Android device. Pretty neat no? Well in order for all this to happen, Kickstarter needs your help. They need funding. Have a little extra to spare or want to show them your support? Go ahead, they fully deserve it. The road is not going to be easy, and don’t forget Apple, I am not too sure what they think about this project…

[Via kickstarter]