Samsung Nexus Prime/ Ice Cream Sandwich delayed due to legal battle?

Is the Samsung Nexus Prime/ Ice Cream Sandwich delay really due to Steve Jobs’ passing away? Samsung and Google were set to release the next iteration of Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 during the San Diego CTIA wireless show. But According to a tweet from russian blogger and editor in chief of it is more due to a legal issue than anything else.

Here’s the tweet in question,


Apple and Android manufacturers, especially Samsung, have had a rough year. The on-going battle between Samsung and Apple regarding patent infringement, have already nailed down a few Samsung products such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple is facing constant threat from the phenomenal Android ecosystem growth, therefore the legal issue Samsung and Apple are facing could be a plausible cause.

If it is the case, that could explain why Google and Samsung have not release a new due date. Another possibility could be Samsung and Google are improving and patching Ice Cream Sandwich after the announcement of the release of Apple’s iPhone 4S. Considering the fact that the iPhone 4S is not a huge improvement over the iPhone 4, Samsung and Google could be refining the Nexus Prime.

Anything is possible, have your pick.

[Via Twitter]