iPad running Android apps thanks to Myriad Mobile Software

Myriad finally did it, they have been able to run Android native apps on a standard iPad with Alien Dalvik 2.0. As shown during the CTIA show in San Diego, the Android app just appears as a regular app on the iPad.


Upon launch, the iPad turns itself into an Android device running Android apps from the cloud. This actually means that the iPad will be running Android apps, but from a distance. Myriad Group claims that Android app experience from the cloud will feel the same as if they were running directly from the tablet. Not too sure about that as apps running from the cloud could be slower due to network issues for example.

Regardless, running Android apps on an iPad is quite an achievement. Optimizing them shouldn’t be too bad after that, I hope. What would be nice is running Apple’s iOS apps on an Android tablet, now that would be interesting.

In the meantime, thanks to Myriad, apps developer can focus more on developing apps for their favorite OS and run them later on other devices with Alien Dalvik. But is it really the same as running an app on a device other than its native OS?