White Samsung Galaxy S2 to be released this month

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is not even out in the US that a white version of the million selling device is reportedly going to launch soon.

The white version of the Galaxy S2 should launch on August 15 in the UK where the original black version of the Galaxy S2 was launched last May.


This white version of the S2 resemble closely to Apple’s iPhone 4 white version, where everything except for the 4.3-inch screen is white. The front, the back everything is white. Inside, the white version is the same as the black version.

There is one little difference between the two versions, the white one will retail for $800, which is about $25 more than the black version. Why is that? Really not sure, white is harder to produce?

Regardless, in the US, I guess as long as wireless carrier launch the device this month that would be a good start. No news regarding the availability of the White version in the US has been disclosed.

With this new white version, Samsung is once again trying to boost the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S2. They really want to reach their 10 million units sold, do they?

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