Latest Android malware targeting your bank account

One thing that bugs me the most with Android is that it is continuously under malware attacks. After the DroidDream malwares, now comes Zitmo.

Zitmo is not a new malware, in fact its been known under different names such as Android.Trojan.SmsSpy.B, Trojan-Spy.AndroidOS.Smser.a and Andr/SMSRep-B. The malware is distributed by ZeuS and is acting like a bank application. Users install the bank app and Zitmo runs in the background intercepting all SMS messages.

These messages are then retransmitted to a remote web server where the ZeuS group can analyze them and steal your banking information. The malware has been discovered by french security group Fortinet.

For the moment, the fraudulent app containing Zitmo has been removed from the Android Market Place. This latest malware threat shows how important it is to protect your Android device with a good anti-virus. The Zitmo malware was mainly targeting your bank account, if that’s not a serious threat enough for you to get an anti-virus, I don’t know what will.

Do yourself and your Android device a favor, get protection!

[Via Fortinet – Zitmo hits Android]

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