Nvidia quad-core processor – Kal-El running on Android Honeycomb

Quad-core anyone? That’s right, as we are slowly getting introduced to dual-core Android tablets and smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 or LG G2x, Nvidia is introducing the next generation of mobile processor.

Kal-El is a quad-core processor replacing the not yet famous Tegra 2 dual-core processor that are available this year. In a demo from Nvidia, the company shows a game app – Glowball, where you can see a glowing ball rolling around in a circus environment. The lighting effect and bouncing are extremely smooth with the quad-core Kal-El processor. As soon as you switch to the dual-core processor, you’ll notice a huge difference in smoothness as more processing power is required to render a better animation.

Kal-El is supposed to be available next year on Android tablets running Honeycomb. Apparently, Kal-El is supposed to be battery friendly, I really hope so as the main complain I have with my Android smartphone is how fast it gets drained.
So if you’re not in a hurry to get an Android tablet, just wait a bit, that Kal-El processor seems to be marvellous. Imagine the game rendering next year on Android tablets, I’m expecting amazing graphics.


Project Kal-El Demo Previews Future of Mobile Gaming