Android outselling other manufacturers. Getting sued for its success.

Android is in a whirldwind of lawsuits. In a way, Apple is suing HTC, Samsung and Motorola because of patent infringement and because of Android. Apple is going as far as asking for the ban of HTC and Samsung handsets sales in the US.

But wait, we’re just getting started, Microsoft is also going after Android. Last year, HTC and Microsoft agreed for HTC to pay Microsoft $5 per Android sold. Now Microsoft is going after Samsung to pay them the same royalty fee.

Oh, and don’t forget to add Oracle to the bandwagon. Oracle is seeking as much as $6.1B USD from Android manufacturers. They claim that Android infringes on Java patents Oracle obtained when it acquired Sun Microsystems.


Now should Microsoft, Apple and Oracle win, the additional fee for each Android device could be calculated as an extra $15 per patent holders. This means it will cost an estimated extra $45 for Android manufacturers to produce an Android phone. That’s a lot to pay, especially when we know that Android is a free open source OS.

To top it off, Google lost last week a bid for the purchase of over 6,000 Nortel’s Networks patents. Who won? A consortium of companies including Apple, Microsoft and RIM. With these new patents in hand, you can be sure new patent infringement lawsuits to come in the near future.

Can Google’s Android success sparked a massive coalition to stop it from growing? Can they kill Android with all these lawsuits? As sad as it sounds, the answer is maybe. In a world where Intellectual property takes priority over innovation, that’s what you get. Hopefully it’s just a nightmare.

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