Pokemon invading Android and Iphone devices.

As a sign that smartphone devices are gaining ground as a gaming device, Pokemon is making its way to your handset.
That’s right, a Pokemon game is coming out this summer on Android and Iphone iOS devices.

The game is called Pokemon Tap and will only be available on the Japanese Android Market. No official release elsewhere in the world. This release just shows how smartphones are slowly taking a bite out of handheld consoles.

Pokemon Tap

Nintendo who owns 32% of Pokemon denied having interest in developing games for devices other than its own such as Nintendo DSi 3D or upcoming Wii U.

On the other hand Sony already started integrating Playstation games onto its smartphones such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Only certified Playstation handset can play Playstation games though.

The future of smartphones and portable consoles will remain tightly link as smartphones acquire more functionality and become more powerful. Online gaming will become even more fun, for now, enjoy Pokemon, Angry birds or if your prefer Cut the rope. The choice is yours.

Pokemon Tap