Google Android Market introduce apps compatibility function

Google’s Android ecosystem is probably one of the most complex one. For developers and consumers alike. The reason is actually its weakness and its strength – the open source concept. By being open, Android attracted many phone developers and also tablet developers. The problem is that the OS Android from Eclair to Gingerbread to Honeycomb is fragmented, and what works on one device may not work on another one.


Developers and users have to deal with what product do they have, a tablet or a smartphone. What version of Android do they have. Does their device fulfill all the requirements to run a particular app?

Well these days are now gone, for the common user, this is good news. Google added a new function to its Android Market. The new function records which device you used when you log in to your Google account. It will then show whether the app is compatible with your device(s).

No more playing around, downloading an app that in the end is not supported by your device. The only drawback for now with this Google function from the Android Market is that you don’t have an option to remove or hide the device you have. In the end, if you test many devices, they will all remain listed in your compatible device list.

No official statement has been issued by Google regarding this new functionality but I’m sure users are more than pleased with this new add on.
Hopefully, Google’s next OS Ice Cream Sandwich should resolve the fragmentation problem and limit the number of issues in terms of invalid apps.