HTC Bliss – a phone for women? Really!?!

Woman. HTC thought about them and is planning on an Android smartphone just for them.

It is true that recent studies have found that most Iphone users are women, whereas most Android users are man, so this is probably why. HTC’s focus group is woman between the age of 20 to 30 years old. According to these women, the general woman is attracted to a dirty dark green gray. So the HTC Bliss is going to be green with a rubber feel to it for a better grip.

HTC Bliss women

Not many other specs are available at the moment for this phone, all we know is that it will have only one camera, no front facing camera. That’s unfortunate thought, the front camera’s purpose was mainly for video conference calls, a feature I expected women and men to enjoy.

Instead of this, the phone comes loaded with some very stereotypical features all women are supposed to like; for instance, a calorie counting app and a shopping app.
The final touch, a matching bluetooth headset and a charming indicator that lights up whenever you’ve missed a call or have a message. The light feature in the charm accessory is supposed to help women find their phone in their purse.

Wishing the best of success to this upcoming Verizon phone, I think HTC just missed the point this time.


HTC Bliss: a Verizon Android phone for women?