Dual sim card phone – Spice MI270 from Spice Mobility

Indian Wireless provider Spice mobility is introducing its biggest Android phone – Spice MI 270.

This dual sim card Android phone will feature a 3.7 inch touchscreen, powered by a MediaTek 600 MHz processor. Dual cameras will also be available with a 3 megapixel in the front and a 5 megapixel in the back. In terms of connectivity, Wi-Fi HSPA Bluetooth and 3G will be available. FM radio a rare feature on phones, will also be available.

Spice MI 270 dual sim card

The unfortunate part is the OS of this handset as it comes loaded with Android 2.1 Eclair an outdated version of Android. At least the price is attractive, at around INR 9000 (USD 200) Spice is targeting the younger Indian generation.

Personally, I find that the dual sim card is a very interesting feature especially for people who travel often or for the busy user.
Other than that, if you’re looking for an affordable Android phone, than the Spice MI 270 might be for you.

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