PdaNet 3.0 helps you tether unnoticed…

Its not even a week since the tethering threat is in the air that JuneFabrics have already updated their PdaNet application to hide tethering use from wireless carriers.

In a tweet posted by JuneFabrics, the developer claims that the newly released version 3.0 will have an option to hide tether usage from your carrier. It is still unclear at the moment how they do it, or if wireless carriers will discover the “hack”.

PdaNet 3.0 hide tethering

Most occasional users should be able to get by thought, but for heavy users this may still not be the solution in the long term. We’ll have to see how wireless carriers react to such applications, for the moment carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have started blocking Tethering apps from the Android MarketPlace. Even thought tethering apps can be found on other third party websites, we’ll just have to see how serious they are about their non tethering policy.
In the end its all about money…

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3.0 adds a feature to hide tether usage. Most users do not need to turn it on unless you have received a message from such as T-Mobile.