Amazon Appstore exclusive distributor of new Angry Birds Rio

Amazon announced earlier this year the introduction of their new Appstore for Android apps to launch this March. They also just announced the exclusive distribution of Rovio’s phenomenal sequel to Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio.

This exclusive deal for Amazon Appstore to launch Rovio’s Angry Birds Rio, could mean a potential of a few million downloads based on the previous versions of Angry Birds, which was downloaded over 30 million times by Android users only, for a total of over 100 million times accross all platforms.
When Rovio originally launched Angry Birds through independant app store GetJar, no one was prepared for this phenomenal success that the Angry Birds franchise was to become, and that is the main reason why GetJar and Rovio’s web site were quickly taken down due to increased web traffic. As a consequence, Angry Birds was also offered on the Android Market.
Sure enough, Amazon Appstore will be prepared to withstand the demand of the Angry Birds sequel. One thing to notice, is Amazon’s different approach to distribute apps, basing itself more on quantities rather than price. We’ll see how it really differs versus Google’s Android Market when it launches this spring.

The new Angry Birds Rio, sequel to Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds, will launch with 60 levels, and new levels will be available through updates. It will be available for Android and Iphone/ Ipad iOS users at launch time on March 22nd. Amazon Appstore will also have previous version of Angry Birds available, ad-free, for a low cost probably similar in price to the versions available on the Apple App Store for $0.99.

In addition to this, Rovio and Twentieth Century Fox are preparing to release an Angry Birds movie – Rio, based on the game and set to be released in theaters starting April 15.

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