Google is getting into music with PushLife

Toronto based start up company PushLife has just been acquired by the giant from Mountain Valley – Google. This latest acquisition is reinforcing the fact that Google is preparing the launch of its own music platform, namely Google Music.


This recently sealed deal at a reported cost of $25 million, will allow Google to compete with Apple’s Itune and ITune Store. PushLife was started 3 years ago by ex-Research In Motion Blackberry employee Ray Reddy.

The PushLife App, allows users to sync digital content on their Android or Blackberry device with Windows Media or Itunes. This allows non-Apple users to play, share, organize and buy music, as easily one would do on an Apple’s Iphone or Ipod with Itune’s.

I guess at this point, Google’s Android just got into Apple’s Itune’s… but that’s probably only until Google launches its own music network.

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