Android security patch hacked

In a rare move by Google last week to pull out malware from its market, the Android world is still under malware attack. Usually, cellphone manufacturers provide updates to their Android running device, but exceptionnaly last week, Google pulled the kill switch to remove the DroidDream Trojan found on thousands of infected Android devices.

The issue right now, is that hackers have repackaged Google’s own security tool and are distributing it as the official trojan protection update package. In actuality, it does quite the opposite; the trojan sends the user text messages to a remote server. Symantec anti-virus company were the first one to discover this issue and are still analyzing the trojan named Android.Bgserv.

Thankfully the fake Android security patch is only available on some unregulated third party Chinese application market, hopefully limiting the spread of the trojan. As usual, in order to stay safe, only install apps from trusted source.

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