Divide – work life and personal life

Qualcomm Ventures QPrize was won by startup company Enterproid for their Divide app as part of Qualcomm’s international venture investment competition.

Enterproid Divide’s app allows you to have a single handset for your personal use and for your business use. As we rely more and more on our smartphone, the line between personal usage and work related usage can hardly be defined. This is were Divide will become handy for your employer or yourself. Divide, creates two profiles, one for personal use and one for work use. Each profile have different settings, with different sets of permissions, security levels and so on. These profiles are two independant entities that you or your IT department can set up.

To switch from one profile to another, just swipe down on your phone, input your password and voila. Divide allows you to track and monitor how much time you’ve spent on personal calls, business calls, exchanged emails, browse the internet and it can even track your phone location via GPS so that your employer knows exactly where you are provided they have your permission.

In the event you lose your phone, your IT department or yourself can remotely delete all your business information , your personal information or both throught Enterproid cloud based management.

The Divide app is still in beta mode for Android 2.2 and up users; Blackberry, Iphone, Windows Phone and other users can rest assured, Enterproid is working to support other smartphones in the future.

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