Samsung introducing the little brother of the Galaxy S3 – the Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung has just unveiled a new Galaxy phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and as its name implies, the S3 Mini is a smaller version of the very popular Samsung Galaxy S3.
The Galaxy S3 Mini features a 4-inch touchscreen just like Apple’s iPhone 5 and is geared towards users who find that the 4.8 inch screen of the Galaxy S3 is too big for them. With that in mind, the S3 Mini features are a bit different than its bigger brother, probably due to size limitation.


Nonetheless, the S3 Mini is powered by a dual-core processor like the Canadian version of the S3 as opposed to the quad-core processor of the international version of the S3. The processor speed of the S3 Mini is running at 1GHz and comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB or 16GB of data storage expandable to 32GB via a MicroSD card.
The camera of the S3 Mini also took a hit, offering 5-megapixel as opposed to the 8 megapixel of its bigger brother.
Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini still has NFC chip functionalities and comes loaded with Android latest OS iteration, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

One negative point is that the S3 Mini doesn’t include 4G LTE capabilities and that may be a drawback for some users. Generally thought, the S3 Mini is a very good device and despite the fact that its not as powerful as its bigger brother the S3, its still a good choice.

This is the point Samsung is trying to make as the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is aimed to compete against Apple’s iPhone 5. Sure the S3 Mini is in some point “inferior” to Apple’s iPhone 5, but it will surely benefit of the success of its bigger brother S3. Pricing and availability has not yet been provided by Samsung.