Google to produce own Android phones thanks to Motorola?

Google and Motorola, what does it really means. Well, during an interview with at the annual Dreamforce conference, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said,

“We actually believe the Motorola team has amazing products […] We like having at least one area where we can do integrated hardware.”

This means that Google’s ownership of Motorola 20,000+ patents, is not just a strategic move to protect the android community from patent lawsuits, but also a first step towards creating Android devices.


This changes everything, as Google’s initial announcement was that it would let Motorola operate as a separate entity. Other Android manufacturers such HTC and LG welcomed the original Google-Motorola deal as a goodwill sign from Google to protect Android from lawsuits. Only INQ and Samsung took a step back to think about the deal. As a result, HTC and INQ are pushing more Windows Mango phones and Samsung is backing up itself by releasing more phones running on its own Bada OS.

It seems like the Google-Motorola deal may actually become more profitable to Windows phones, as manufacturer take a step back to look at how Google will manage its Motorola Mobile unit.

Is Google getting into hardware management really beneficial for Android? Maybe, but it may seem unfair to other manufacturer thought. Hopefully Google will not favor more Motorola… hard to say…

[Via salesforce]