HTC Sense vunerability discovered on HTC EVO 3D, EVO 4G and ThunderBolt

The Android world just got some bad news again. But this time, HTC seems to be in hot water as a vulnerability was uncovered on their Android phones running HTC Sense such as the HTC EVO 3D, EVO 4Gand ThunderBolt. According to different security researchers, a security flaw has been found where apps with internet permissions could send sensitive data to malicious servers.


Here’s how it works, newer HTC device running HTC Sense have a built-in app called HTCLoggers which stores users emails, phone numbers, GPS location, SMS data and a whole lot more of personal data but no password thought. This data is accessible to apps that need internet on your device, so if someone creates a malicious app to send all this data to their own server, they’ll then have access to all this information.

HTC has been made aware of the flaw and is taking the matter very seriously. Hopefully they’ll patch it very soon.

The remedy for now? If your phone is rooted, you can remove the HTCLoggers app right now, if not then you’ll have to wait for a solution from HTC. Note that an app with malicious intent must be installed and created for your privacy to be violated. So until someone finds an app created with such a purpose, we’re ok, we’ll kind of. Lying to myself…

[Via infectedrom]