Raspberry Sandwich anyone? That’s right, Android Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to Raspberry Pie soon

Get ready guys, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to a Raspberry Pi near you.
That’s right, the very affordable 35$ computer – Raspberry Pi, will soon be running on Android on top of Linux.


The Raspberry Pi is a small bare bone computer with only a board running on a 700MHz CPU with 256MB of RAM. Despite its small size, the Raspberry Pi comes with an SD Card port, HDMI port and USB ports. Android porting is still in progress, but most functionalities are working fine. The audio is still not working properly for now but should hopefully get fixed soon.

As expected, you won’t get the most fluid experience with the Raspberry Pi as with other high-end devices but it definitely is a very affordable choice.

[Via Raspberry Pi/a>]