Tethering from third party apps is back on Verizon thanks to FCC ruling

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled out, Verizon Wireless must stop blocking it’s users from tethering from unauthorized apps.

To this day, tethering with your Android device or even iPhone for the matter, required a 20$ monthly tethering plan. But thanks to an FCC ruling, Verizon has agreed to allow it’s users to use tethering from third party apps. On top of this, Verizon has agreed to pay 1.25 million in damages to the FCC. The controversy begins in 2008 when Verizon won the C broadband spectrum under which it stated that devices and applications will stay open. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case as Verizon asked Google to block apps from its Play Store that allowed tethering. Even Google’s own flagship the Samsung Galaxy Nexus device had to have it’s tethering app removed.


Thanks to this new ruling, your Android/ iPhone devices can now act as hotspots sharing your Verizon data with your other devices such your laptop or tablet.

What does this means to other users? Well if you’re with anyone else like AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile you’re still tethering limited as this ruling only did apply to Verizon.

Maybe tethering will be open to everyone in the future? We really hope so, at least it’s a good start!