You thought that $99 was cheap for a tablet? Check out India’s latest Android tablet – $35

In the quest to find the cheapest Android tablet, I think we’ve got a clear winner. Indian company DataWind is producing a 7-inch Android tablet, the Aakash or Sky in Hindi for only Rs 2999 (USD $60).

But behind this low price lies a very good cause, DataWind along with the Indian government is trying to give computer access to its population, especially children who cannot afford the high cost of a normal computer. Thanks to governement subsidies, the Aakash tablet will be available for even cheaper to students, that is around $35.


The Aakash tablet runs Android 2.2 Froyo and has an 800X480 screen resolution on its 7-inch touchscreen. The tablet features 256mb of RAM with 2GB of data storage expandable to 32GB. This small low priced tablet even features 2 USB ports and have an expected battery life of 3 hours.

It is the world cheapest Android tablet, but this doesn’t mean its not good. With this tablet you can surf the web, do word processing, stream HD videos, read E-books and access to Android apps. Basically, it’ll perform just like an Android tablet, because it is just one.

Not bad, even though you can’t compare it to higher end tablets, hopefully low priced tablet along with HP’s TouchPad firesale will help lower tablets price. Because $500 for a tablet, is a bit of a steep price for a tablet no?

[Via DataWind Aakash]