Android porting as a WebOS app on the HP TouchPad

A new progress has been made regarding the portability of Android onto the HP TouchPad. But for once, its not from the Cyanogenmod team.


A chinese programmer has been able to install Android directly from HP’s WebOS application page. The Android app is launched in WebOS just like a normal app and is still an experimental version. Many features dont currently work such as multi-touch or even access to the Android market place, but Chomper as he is known on the web is working on it. The current version is version 0.0.1, so its brand new.

This alternative could be interesting for those who find the cyanogenmod porting program too complex, at least for now. Lets wait and see how it goes, at least it seems more and more possible now to have Android running on the TouchPad.

[Via android for tp]