Optus mobile security app for business

Optus Australia is offering a business solution for Android devices. The mobile security suite which is a rebranded F-Secure product will offer small and medium companies data protection for Android smartphones.

The Optus Security suite will be called Optus OfficeApps Mobile Security and will be available for $5 per month per mobile for a minimum of 12 months. The security suite protects mobile users by giving them the option to lock and delete data remotely after losing their Android devices.


Note that the Optus Security suite works only with Android and Windows mobile. Apple’s iOS does not work with the Optus mobile security suite due to apps constraints by Apple.

Pretty good move by Optus, securing your Android device is the best thing you can do. With all the malware available on Android, you should either get the Optus mobile security solution or just a good mobile anti-virus.

[Via Optus]