Webroot release security app for Android handsets and tablets

Smartphones are more and more like small portable computers in our pockets, and with the explosion of the Android platform, so did viruses. Just like a computer, your smartphone needs protection, at least a minimum of protection. And Webroot is one of those security company.

Webroot Mobile Security for Android is designed to protect Android smartphones and tablets. It will scans apps for malware prior to installation. The software will also perform cloud-based URL scanning in order to assess the safety of website links. Threats such as phishing attacks will be blocked even before users have a chance to click on them. All these will be performed in the background and Webroot Mobile will automatically checks for updates, to ensure you have the latest protection.


Furthermore, with the increasing amount of personal data available on smartphone devices, Webroot mobile also has an identity-protection feature. This feature will allow a user to take control of its lost or stolen device. For instance, the user will be able to remotely lock the device and wipe personal contact information, text messages and other sensitive data from the device, all this remotely. A map will show where the device is located, allowing users to track it and a loud alert will sound once in close proximity of the handset.
Finally, in case you forget your password, a temporary access code will be sent to a trusted friend.

Webroot is available on the Android Market for free. A premium version exists at a cost of 14.99$/ year. This fully loaded version allows you to remotely wipe your device for example.

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