Apple lawsuit against Samsung whole Galaxy line-up, smartphones and tablets.

Some more information regarding the lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung in the Netherlands is predicting a whole world of trouble for the Korean manufacturer if it gets approved.

Apple is actually going after the whole Samsung Galaxy line-up in Europe in its Hague suit. This means that smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S, S2, Ace, Nexus and tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and 10.1 could be banned from Europe if Apple gets its injunction through.


The injunction verdict will be given on September 15 and will determine whether or not Samsung will have to recall all of its Samsung products affected by this injunction or not. Should the injunction be approved, it should take effect no sooner than October 13, just before the holiday season.

The result of this injunction by Apple against Samsung could prove to be disastrous to the Korean manufacturer if it goes through. Hopefully, it won’t as Samsung has been developing some of the best Android products so far.

[Via product-reviews]

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