Android developers working on HP TouchPad for Android after $99 clearance sale

HP is officially dropping it’s HP TouchPad tablet running on webOS. In a news conference made this week, HP is still hoping to find partners to whom it can license its webOS operating system.

Meanwhile, HP has ordered retailers to liquidate all it’s stock of HP TouchPad. Bargain hunters have been able to get their hands on the dual core tablet for the low price of $99 for the 16 GB version or $150 for the 32GB. That’s a very good deal for this 9.7-inch tablet that is barely two month old and was selling for at least $499 just yesterday.


But why all the excitement over a tablet with no more support? Simple, since the hardware of the HP TouchPad is the same as most Android tablets, a group of dedicated developers are planning to port Android on it – Touchdroid, making it the most affordable Android tablet.

Regardless of when they succeed, because they will, for this price you can’t go wrong, $99 for a quality tablet? I know I got mine, $150 for 32GB, not bad, just wishing for Android support soon! Go Touchdroid go!

[Via HP]