Leaked Dell new 7-inch Android tablet?

Spy shots from a possible upcoming Dell Android tablet have been released from the folks at Tweakers.net.

Dell-tablet leak

The pictures show a 7-inch tablet under which a slide-out keyboard comes out. That’s right, a keyboard sliding out from beneath the tablet screen. That’s a first. But wait, it doesn’t stops here, the keyboard is actually a half-keyboard. Let me explain, half of your usual QWERTY keyboard letters used by your left hand are on the left, and the other half used by your right hand are on the right with a space in the middle.


We have no other detail regarding the specifications of this tablet, software and hardware wise. The tablet is a concept tablet from Dell and could be running Android OS or even Windows 7.


In addition to all this, the tablet will have a little kickstand in the back to hold it straight while watching a movie. Is this tablet any good? Its hard to tell with so little information, but at least Dell is being innovative.



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