Olivetti is back to Australia with an Android tablet – the Olipad 110

Olivetti is introducing its first Android tablet to the Australian market. The Italian company, mostly active in the POS products is attempting a comeback with a 10.1-inch Android tablet, the Olipad.

The Olipad 110 will be running Android 3.1 Honeycomb and is the successor to the Olipad 100 already available in Europe.


The Olipad 110 will have 16GB of memory, microSD card slots, USB ports and HDMI ports. Unlike the Ipad, the Olipad will be able to run Flash. This Android tablet will come loaded with applications geared towards the business market as it is Olivetti’s main line of products. The Olipad will include applications like sales force management apps, digital catalogues, tools for social networks and more business related apps.

The Olipad 110 is expected to hit Australia in July. Pricing is unknown for the moment, but if it follows the same pricing as the current Olipad 100, it should retail around $550 AUD.