Amazon Kindle Fire getting some competition with Kobo Vox Android reader

It looks like the Amazon Kindle Fire is going to get some competition. Starting October 28, the Canadian based eReader startup will offer its own Android based tablet, the Kobo Vox.

The Kobo Vox tablet will also retail at only $199 just like Amazon Kindle Fire. For this price, you will get a 7-inch Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet with 8GB of data storage. The Kobo Vox will serve as an ebook reader with free access to other 2 million books from the Kobo library. In addition, it will also serve as a multimedia device, allowing users to listen to music, watch movies, check email, Facebook and much more.


The Kobo Vox is already available for pre-order in Canada and in the U.S for $199.99. With the Vox, Kobo is challenging Amazon with its soon to be Kindle Fire. Technically, the Kobo has a little bit more features than the Kindle Fire, but Amazon sure is a huge company to compete against. Does the Kobo Vox stands a chance? I certainly dont see why!