LG G2x out of stock at T-Mobile

The LG G2x from T-Mobile is out of stock. That’s right, the dual-core Android phone that was voted best Android device is unavailable on T-Mobile.

LG-G2x T-mobile

Is it the result of its success?

“The T-Mobile G2x with Google has been a highly popular device with both customers and employees since its launch last month, and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working with LG to address.”

According to T-Mobile that’s what it is. But according to many complaints, that’s not the reason why. It seems like some of the LG G2x would just shut down by themselves from time to time. Now that’s a bummer. One can speculate that in order to prevent more damage, T-Mobile would just remove the LG G2x from its Android line-up until the problem is solved.

We can expect with the resolution of this issue an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread as T-Mobile’s tweets claim.

It’s too bad as this handset was one of the best, especially as it came as a stock Android device.

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T-Mobile plans to update the G2x to Gingerbread by summer.