Lookout and Sprint team up to protect your Android handset

Sprint and Lookout have teamed up to give Sprint’s customer the protection they need for their Android device. With the omnipresence of viruses and malware on the web and Wi-Fi networks, it is important to have a good anti-virus on the phone.

Fared Adib Sprint senior vice president-Product says:

Sprint is pleased to partner with Lookout to offer our customers applications that will help to protect and secure the private information on their device and ensure the applications they download are safe from viruses.

The Android market has been afflicted with viruses and Lookout is here to take care of it. Sprint is giving its customer the option to download the Lookout security app directly from the Sprint Zone or from the Android Market Place.

Lookout Sprint

The Lookout security app comes in several version.

The free version of the software blocks viruses, malware, and spyware. This version can also backup and restore contacts. In case you lose your phone or it get stolen, it can pinpoint the phone on a map and trigger a loud alarm to find its location.

The premium version offers a whole lot more features.

For instance, the Lookout apps will let you know which apps can access your private data. So if you download an app from the Android Market Place and the app tries to access sensitive data, the Lookout apps will let you know.

If anything bad happens to your device, you can always have a backup of it, directly from the cloud on the Lookout website. The data stored on the cloud includes contacts, pictures and call history.

And if things turns out really bad, and you lose your phone or get it stolen, just like in the free version, you can trackit down on a map. The difference is that you can remote lock it and even wipe the data on it.

Finally the premium version of the Lookout apps, provides real-time web monitoring on your device so you can browse on your phone safely.

And as Lookout claims, all this happens in the background, so don’t worry use your phone like you would, its like its not even there. Even your phone battery won’t notice, Lookout says that it has been optimized for low battery consumption. So with all these great features, what are you waiting for? Get protected!

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