Samsung Nexus S – first compatible NFC device with Google’s wallet

Google along with partners Mastercard, Citigroup, First Data and Sprint are changing the way we shop. With the introduction of Google Wallet, you can now shop and pay your purchases directly from your near-field communication (NFC) enabled Android device.


The Google wallet is like the electronic version of your credit cards. As an open system, the Google wallet can contain all of your different credit cards, as well as support for loyalty cards and gift cards. Google is hoping to integrate more support for its Google wallet such as event tickets, plane tickets, hotel cards or even driving license. With Google wallet, the times when you couldn’t close your wallet because of the many different cards you have are over.

But what about security? In short, NFC mobile payment is more secure than card payments. The NFC systems is comprised of many layers and a higher level of authentication is available for both the Google Wallet and Mastercard’s PayPass.

The Google wallet will also serve as a launchpad for Google’s own Groupon service by providing deals directly to your phone. The Google wallet can receive coupon from local stores and you can redeem them directly from your smartphone.

The Google wallet service combined with partner Mastercard’s PayPass technology provides consumers with access to 124,000 PayPass-enabled stores in the US, and over 311,000 around the world. The Google Wallet service will be available starting this summer in New York and San Francisco. Available retailers at the moment include but are not limited to Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Subway, Toys “R” Us and Walgreens.

For the moment, Google Wallet will only work with Citi’s MasterCard and Google’s own prepaid credit card. The only device available with NFC support at the moment will be Google’s Samsung Nexus S. More Android devices should join the program as they roll out this summer. A potential one could be Samsung Galaxy S2 even thought the NFC version is only available in Korea so far.

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