AVG Mobilation – free Android Anti-virus for tablets and smartphones

Keeping it safe. Thanks to AVG, you can now protect your Android tablet and or phone with AVG Mobilation for Android Smartphones and Tablets.

The Anti-virus maker is now protecting your Android based tablet and smartphone. New innovation, it is now cloud-based, meaning that the Anti-virus will always be up to date and won’t drain too much resources and battery.

Anti-Virus AVG Mobilation

Protecting your Android device is important as due to its open source nature, the Android world can sometime be unsafe, especially if you wander around unknown app stores.
In terms of security, the AVG Anti-virus will perform scans of your device as scheduled, and will screen your navigation webpages, emails, SMS before downloading them.

Furthermore, in the event your Android device gets stolen or lost, you can remotely locate your device with AVG Mobilation. You can also lock and wipe the content of your device for added privacy protection.

As your handset and tablet contains more and more personal information, it is a good idea to install a good Anti-virus, AVG Mobility is a good one, especially when it is available for free from the Android Marketplace.


AVG Mobilation for Android Smartphones & Tablets