RIM releases Android player for Playbook

The Blackberry World conference just ended last week and a major release made during this event is the Android player for Blackberry.

The Blackberry market is very small in comparison with Apple’s App Store and the Android Market. In order to boost the Blackberry market and to have more apps available for RIM’s famous Playbook, Blackberry created an Android player running on the Playbook QNX OS to run Android apps.

Basically, Android apps must be submitted to RIM for approval. Once approved, RIM will placed those repackage Android apps in its own Blackberry App World. The apps will look like Blackberry apps, but they’re really just repackaged Android apps that will run inside the Android player on a Blackberry device.

Just like the old saying says, if you can’t beat them, join them. But is that really the best thing for RIM?
Yes and no, RIM just increased its Blackberry App World by a few thousand apps if Android developers start submitting their apps. At the same time, this doesn’t give a real incentive for Blackberry app developers to make Blackberry apps, they can just make an Android version, submit to RIM for approval and voila, they have now an Android app and a Blackberry app.

In the end, it’s as if the Blackberry Playbook is just another Android tablet, or is it?

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