Google’s holding back Android launch in China

Google China

Google is delaying the launch of two android devices in China. It all started last week, after a cyber-attack against Google and a few other foreigners websites supposedly from the chinese. Since then, Google’s thinking of packing its belongings from China, unless the Chinese government allows it to run an uncensored version of its search engine like everywhere else.

Chinese official welcome all foreign company to China, however they must follow the law, no exceptions will be allowed, claims an official.

Obviously, Google pulling out of China may affect Android market. Google’s Android is already available in China, however, this past week, Google is holding Android releases until a settlement is reached. That could also be a marketing strategy, since everyone is talking about Google leaving China and that could hurt Android sales.

In the meantime, Motorola XT701 (also known as MotoROI) as well as a Samsung Android operating devices have been held on hold until further notice.

Hopefully this political issue will not result in Android’s end in China. More to come, in the coming weeks.

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