Netflix launches Android app – available on selected devices

Netflix just announced the Android app version for its movie streaming service. The app is actually only available for a selected number of Android devices.

Netflix movie streaming

Only 5 models will be able to run the Netflix app, four HTC phones (the Incredible, EVO 4G, G2 and Google’s Nexus One) and one Samsung phone (Nexus S).

The reason the Netflix app is not available on all models comes from “the lack of standard streaming playback features” on the Android phones states Roma De from the product team at Netflix.
Since there is no standard, the Netflix team have to test each handsets individually before approving the app for Android.

This problem is not uncommon in the Android world, its part of the fragmentation problem Android have. Hopefully the next Android OS release – Ice Cream Sandwich, should correct this issue. Meanwhile the Netflix team have a huge task on their hands, testing all Android smartphones and tablets.

This explains why Apple’s Iphone, Ipad and even Windows 7 all have the Netflix app working for a while, the number of different hardwares/softwares combination is not as diversified as in the Android world.

The Netflix app is available for free on the Android Market. Netflix membership costs $7.99 monthly, available for Apple’s Ipad, Iphone, Windows 7, various game consoles and now on Android.


Netflix launch on Android