Motorola MotoROI/ XT701 to be available worldwide

As of this week, the Motorola Android is available in Korea. It was also stated that it should only be available to the Asian market, in Korea under SK telecom as MotoROI and in China under China Unicom as XT701. The korean release occured on monday, however the chinese release of the handset has been postponed by Google until further notice, supposedly because of the current conflict between Google and China. (see Google’s holding back Android launch in China)

One may think that this ordeal, made Motorola rethink its strategy, and the next thing we know is that the whole world is going to enjoy this marvel. Starting from the US in March, and then the rest of the world subsequently. This Droid like device, is keyboardless, but has a better camera (8 megapixel) than the Droid. It will run Android 2.0 on a 3.7 inch multitouch screen, has HDMI port that can playback to 720p HD video. Other features include a 3.5mm headset jack, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 32GB microSD support.

US carrier for the MotoROI has yet to be determined.

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