Samsung Galaxy S3 now available at Fido!

Canada are you ready? Samsung just launched on Fido the famous Samsung Galaxy S3 which is selling by million. Without a doubt, this 4.8 inch Android phone is an amazing phone, and by adding this phone to the Fido line-up it just means that more consumers will be able to get a hand on this awesome device.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available from Fido in two colors, white and pebble blue. The red variant is not available for the moment. Only the 16GB version is available at the retail price of 550$ without contract. The phone is also available on a 2 year contract for $400. That is a steep price thought. Definitely worth it if you can. Or you can wait for Christmas or Boxing Day specials, I’m sure there’s gonna be some rebate on this.

Note that if you’re not with Fido, Koodo Mobile also just got the phone and is selling it under the same conditions. The only thing is that it seems like they only have the pebble blue available for now.