Turning your wall into a giant Android screen thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect

Ever thought of playing Angry Birds on a giant screen? How about turning your wall into a touchscreen?
Well this may become a reality thanks to DDRBoxman. In his video, DDRBoxman controls his Samsung Galaxy Nexus directly from the wall.


His setup? A Kinect, a Windows PC running Simple Kinect Touch and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus along with a projector. How does it works? Basically, the Kinect device captures the movements and sends Tangible User Interface Objects (TUIO) commands via a PC to a Galaxy Nexus running TuioForAndroid.

Pretty neat, if you ask me. Not very fluid yet, but with some more work, this configuration will definitely change the way presentation are done. More of this topic on the link below.

[Via Android Kinect Projector Interface w/ System Access]