Nokia getting serious about Android threat

Nokia’s shares in the smartphone industry are getting cut out by rivals companies such as Apple and Google’s Android OS.

Once a top manufacturer, Nokia is having difficulty competing against a new generation of smartphones based on apps and touchscreen.


But this is all going to change, according to Nokia’s North American head of sales, Chris Weber.

The Finnish company joined Microsoft Windows Mobile earlier this year and is planning to release a wide range of Nokia devices. From the very affordable to higher end, Nokia is preparing to flood the smartphone world with competitively priced smartphones.

The most affordable one will be cheaper than any currently priced Android device. Nokia is expecting to do so by partnering with major wireless carriers and selling subsidized phones.

Nokia will also get into the business mobile area where RIM is currently losing shares. It is hoping to gain market share by promoting Windows phone with Office integration. This smartphone and Windows computer blend should help Nokia attract office and business users alike.

Can Nokia make a comeback? Maybe but it is going to be hard. One thing I remember about my old Nokia device is how well built it was. So if one day Nokia decides to launch an Android phone. I may give it a shot. Until then, so long Nokia.

[Via mobot]