Philips to introduce dual-sim card Android phone in India

Chinese owned company Philips is getting back in the Indian market. After having launched a series of dual-Sim cards phone in India last week under the Xenium brand, Philips is also preparing an Android phone.

The Philips X726 as it is currently known, will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and will also be a dual Sim phone. It seems like users in India are accustomed to dual-Sim card phone. Take the Viewsonic V350 and Spice Mobility’s Spice Mi-270 as two good examples.


Not much is known at the moment regarding this phone. Philips only stated that the phone price will be similar to other current Android phones. All we know is that the X726 will offer 15 hours of talk time and an astounding 40 days of stand-by time.

Philips X726 should be out in late October, more to come then.