Android next OS called Jelly beans?

According to a This is My Next trusted source, Google’s next Android OS name could well be called “Jelly Bean.”.

The name Jelly Bean does follow Google’s naming convention for Android, which uses desserts or treats name in alphabetical order. The version number for this OS is still unknown as is the next version due this October/ November, Ice Cream Sandwich.


According to the source, Google will postpone some features that were expected to be part of Ice Cream Sandwich and release them later with Jelly Bean.

So here’s my guess, Ice Cream Sandwich is suppose to unify Android for smartphone Gingerbread with Android for tablet Honeycomb. This is no small task and because of time constraint, since Google wants to have Ice Cream Sandwich delivered this fall to compete against Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, Google is already planning its next Android version to include whatever they can’t have ready for Ice Cream Sandwich release. And that would explain why Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt gave a vague release date, October/ November for Ice Cream Sandwich during the San Francisco Safeforce’s Dreamforce conference.

Makes sense? Any other thoughts? Let us know below!

[Via This is My Next]