Free mobile web surfing via unlimited SMS plan thanks to Smozzy Android app

Browsing a lot on your Android smartphone? Are you limited in your data usage? Do you have an unlimited text message plan? If so Smozzy Beta by Jeff Donahue is probably an app you should try.

The app let’s you browse the internet via your text message plan. How does it works? Basically, the Smozzy app transfer your data packets over SMS (rather than using 3G data) to a remote Smozzy server for Zip compression. The Zip file is then sent back to the Smozzy app on the user side for web conversion.


Is this reliable? Good enough as a work around to surf the net, but speed is not up to par with 3G.

This hack is very ingenious thought and could be useful in emergency cases when you’ve reached your data limit for example. Note that the packet are not secured in any way, there is no SSL encryption on data sent by Smozzy.

Still very neat, this app is available right now on the Android market for free. Note that it is reported that it only works with T-Mobile for now. Maybe someone else can try it with another provider? As they say, enjoy it while it lasts, as I doubt carriers will let you surf the net for free on your SMS plan.
Just like when they’ve stopped free tethering from your Android smartphone.

[Via smozzy]

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