HTC Jetstream aka Puccini making its way to AT&T on sept 4.

The HTC Puccini or formerly renamed as the HTC Jetstream is finally making its way to AT&T this sunday September 4th. Big surprise thought for AT&T’s first 4G tablet, its price – $699. That’s correct, AT&T is selling the LTE device for $700 with a two year contract.


Is the 10.1-inch dual-core tablet worth this much? Maybe, but it will be very difficult for consumers to digest such a huge price, especially when Apple’s iPad 2 costs $100 less. Even with LTE (Long Term Evolution) promising fast download speeds, this tablet is costly.

As an Android tablet, it is a nice one, coming pre-loaded with Android 3.1 Honeycomb. But in terms of affordability, well, you know…